Readers may already know that I am on the Board of the California Association of Workplace Investigators ("CAOWI").  I wanted to tell you about our Second Annual Conference that is coming up this November 2011, and let you know about an optional pre-conference session.  It’s called "Examining the Investigation: A Demonstration of Trial Testimony of the Investigator and the Expert Witness", which promises to be very informative for all people who conduct workplace investigations.  

We have six speakers for this demonstrative training session:  Amy Oppenheimer, Rhoma Young, Nancy Bornn, Michael Robbins, Julie Moore, and the Hon. William F. Highberger

Per CAOWI’s website, here is the summary of what will be covered:

Investigators often dread having to defend their investigation at trial. How will their work look under the microscope of cross-examination? This trial demonstration will show just that. Based on a hypothetical set of facts the employer’s investigator will be examined and cross-examined and an expert witness will give her view, also via examination and cross-examination, as to where the investigator went wrong.

I hope to see you there!