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Retaliation and Race Discrimination Claims at All Time High

Posted in Retaliation, Sex Discrimination
According to SCI Companies Client Newsletter (HR Strategy) today, the EEOC reports that fiscal year 2009 was the second highest year on record for discrimination charges.   SCI states: . . . The EEOC received record numbers of charges alleging discrimination based on origin (11,134 charges), religion (3,386 charges) and sex-based discrimination (28,028 charges.)  However retaliation… Continue Reading

What’s the Difference Between a Sexual Harassment Investigation and a Sexual Discrimination Investigation?

Posted in Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment
In sexual harassment investigations, the words "harassment" and "discrimination" are oftentimes used interchangeably by the complainant and witnesses.  Even formal complaints drafted by the lawyers allege the same exact incidents to form the basis of the "Sexual Harassment Cause of Action" and the "Sex Discrimination Cause of Action."   We know that sexual harassment is… Continue Reading

Breastfeeding During Employee’s Rest Break: Hefty Fines if Disallowed

Posted in Pregnancy / Breastfeeding, Sex Discrimination
Failure of an employer to allow an employee to breastfeed during her rest break can subject the employer to a sex discrimination lawsuit and hefty damages.  Just ask the owner of Acosta Tacos in Los Angeles. In a "precedential decision" by the Fair Employment and Housing Commission ("FEHC"), which regulates and enforces California’s anti-discrimination laws… Continue Reading