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Dress Code v. Religious Beliefs: Who wins?

Posted in Religious Discrimination
The EEOC takes religious accommodation cases very seriously when it comes to "dress code violations," and employers are oftentimes losing on the "undue hardship" defense. Tatoos:  In 2005, the EEOC brought suit against Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. The EEOC alleged in its suit that Red Robin refused to offer Edward Rangel, a server at the… Continue Reading

What is Religion?

Posted in Religious Discrimination
The question of "what is religion?" has been litigated extensively.  What do you think about these groups? Rastafarian, Wiccan, Church of Marijuana, Voodoo, Atheism, Ethical Culture Society, Church of Body Modification?   According to the EEOC Technical Assistance Training Seminar I attended last week in Pasadena, "religion" is defined as follows: A sincere and meaningful belief… Continue Reading

Can Sexual Orientation Discrimination Equate to Religious Discrimination?

Posted in Religious Discrimination, Sexual Orientation
Yesterday, a fellow employment law blogger, Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, made an interesting post.  Sexual orientation discrimination by an employer is still legal in Ohio, so some creative plaintiff’s lawyers in Ohio have argued that the employers’ actions constituted religious discrimination because the plaintiff employees’ lifestyles did not comport with their… Continue Reading

“Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs” in Religious Discrimination Cases

Posted in Religious Discrimination
What is “religion”? May an employer question the sincerity of an employee’s alleged religious beliefs? The U.S. Supreme Court has defined "religious belief" as a belief that is: "religious" in the employee’s own scheme of things and sincerely held by the employee. Thus, the law’s protection extends beyond "traditional" religions. One of the best examples… Continue Reading